FinTech Futures: «Webinar: What are the top trends and technologies transforming financial services?»

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Transformation in the financial industry is accelerating as new technologies and customer expectations continue to evolve. In addition, the expansion of fintechs and bigtechs into the traditional financial space are creating both challenges and opportunities.

In a recent survey, financial services and fintech executives gave their views on the current state of play and the technologies shaping the financial industry.

Join our round-table webinar this June, as expert presenters look at some of those game-changing technologies and discuss various adoption strategies, including:
— Which technologies will be the biggest game changers?
— What are the biggest obstacles to growth?
— How do you approach the build, buy, or partner decision when adopting new technologies?

Date: Wednesday, June 15
Time: 3:00 PM BST / 10:00 AM EST