Finextra: webinar «SWIFT Customer Security Control Framework: how to remain compliant in 2022»

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In light of the increased number of cyberattacks on financial institutions utilising the SWIFT network, the financial messaging service provider launched the Customer Security Control Framework (CSCF), part of the Customer Security Programme (CSP).

It aims to ensure that preventative defences against cyberattacks are updated and effective, mandating that banks attest to their level of compliance regularly.

The programme introduced changes to controls and adapted the framework to evolve alongside the cyber threat landscape, intending to progressively improve the overall growth of the control environment. In line with this, some elements have shifted from advisory to mandatory.

Sign up for the upcoming Finextra webinar, held in association with Eastnets, to join our panel of industry experts next week, on Thursday 17 February at 15:00 GMT [16:00 CET / 10:00 EST], for a live discussion to explore what financial institutions need to know about the 2022 changes to the SWIFT CSCF and how to remain compliant.

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