Finextra, ACI Worldwide: webinar «APP scams: who is truly responsible?»

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Authorised push payment scams became a growing concern for banks and customers throughout 2021.

The sophisticated nature of APP scams not only ruins the lives of consumers who are at risk of losing large amounts of money, but banks are also required to implement practices to decipher whether victims of fraud are genuine.

A debate is emerging around who is truly responsible for fraud prevention and liable to provide the refund to the customer. Some believe that the issuing or the receiving banks are to blame for allowing financial criminals to slip under the cracks. Moving forward into 2022, banks and regulators must collaborate with other industries to find a solution.

Sign up for the upcoming Finextra webinar, held in association with ACI Worldwide, to join our industry expert panel on Tuesday 1 March at 15:00 GMT [16:00 CET / 10:00 EST], for a live discussion on the rise of authorised push payment scams & the current solutions to prevent them.

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