Finextra: webinar «Why financial institutions need new-era tech to meet operational resilience requirements»

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As financial services continue to cater to the highly digitised consumer, operational resilience is a top priority for regulators around the globe.

The global pandemic has reinforced regulators’ objective of ensuring that banks can continue to deliver products and services to their customers through disruption.

Assessing vital business functions, setting levels of tolerance that these functions can withstand, and testing tolerances at regular intervals, enable banks to identify and protect themselves from threats and potential failures. It also ensures they can respond and adapt to disruptive events.

Sign up for the upcoming Finextra webinar, held in association with BMC, to join our industry expert panel on Tuesday 22 March at 15:00 GMT [16:00 CET / 11:00 EDT], for a live discussion on how a robust operational resilience strategy serves to bolster a financial institution’s business case.

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